Dirt’s Top 5 Sleeper/Underrated WR

Guest Writer: Dirt

Dirt’s Top 5 Fantasy Sleeper/Underrated Wide Receivers ( Non PPR)

1) Dwayne Bowe: Most of the WR fantasy football headlines lately have gone to the studs of last year (Austin, Marshall, Wayne).  With Dwayne Bowe’s draft stock is not as high as some of those wideouts, he becomes a good value pick. It is easy to look past receivers like Bowe who have spectacular talent and are still relatively unproven. However with the coaching changes that took place in Kansas City and a new high-powered running back tandem of Charles and Jones, Bowe is poised to have a comeback year.
2) Devin Aromashodu: Never heard of him before, you might want to check him out during Chicago’s struggles last year. With Quarterback Jay Cutler, Aromashodu may have been the only constant in that offense down the stretch in the last four games of the year last year. Aromashodu managed 282 yards receiving and 4 touchdowns in those four games. Things to know about Aromashodu are that he definitely is not as fast as Knox and Hester (who the hell is) however he has the strength to create space from the defenders. We all know how fickle of a player Jay Cutler is, but under Mike Martz this offense is destined for a way better fantasy year and it seems as if Cutler found a receiver even he can get along with.
3) Mike Wallace: An absolute must have in your fantasy league for this year. Wallace proved twice last year that he can make the same Super Bowl MVP type catches as Santonio Holmes, and he might even be a little bit quicker than the former Steeler. Yes, Big Ben will not be throwing him the rock until about week 5 however his big play ability makes him a stud sleeper to be taken probably in the 7th or 8th round of your draft. DO NOT be the guy who tries to wait on him and he gets taken if he falls to you in the 7th or 8th you need to pull that trigger.
4) Wes Welker: The white ninja out of Texas Tech has proven that he in fact is not human. He tore his ACL and injured his MCL at the end of the season last year (that’s January). He has come back from what should have been a yearlong recovery in just seven months. If that is not impressive enough, he miraculously seems to have most if not all of his cutting and turning ability back. I probably should have him as the number one sleeper with Brady being in a contract year, however preseason is preseason and whether that leg is going to hold up or not is still yet to be determined. Being as Welker is predominantly used out of the slot, he is in a position that requires a lot of cutting and turning up field coupled with the possibility of incurring some massive hits over the middle.
5) Braylon Edwards: Admittedly Braylon left some of his hands in Cleveland when he left, however he never forgets them in prime time games.  With his competition suspended for the first four weeks of the season (Holmes) and 5 Prime Time games this year he should produce. Edwards and Holmes are both in contract years.  If there was ever a year for this guy to blow up,  this would be the one.  Edwards has a high-powered running back tandem between LT and Big Greene with an even better offensive line look for the screens and play actions to open up big plays for Edwards. The best part this guy could be your # 3 receiver and you should be able to target him around the 8th or 9th round.

Other notables

Eddie Royal- With the departure of Marshall to Miami someone in Denver has to catch the ball. With Josh McDaniels moving Royal back to the slot (where he had his fantastic rookie campaign), he is back on track to have some good numbers. He has not shown much this preseason, but hey neither has the Cowboys star studded offense (0 TD’s in the preseason by the first team offense.)

Jacoby Jones- It was extremely hard not to put this guy on the top 5 list, with a lot of people targeting Andre Johnson in the 1st round of the draft and Houston’s recent struggles in the backfield (with the exception of Foster) someone else is going to have to step up and make some plays. Based on this preseason, Jones has taken Walters spot as the # 2 receiver for Houston and is going to get his fair share of targets.

T.O. – As much as it pains me to watch this character obtain any type of success, it seems as if he is ready to put his last two seasons behind him and take on a secondary receiver roll which will greatly increase his and C.O’s production this year.  With a veteran QB like Palmer, Benson running the ball with a chip on his shoulder, and a big Super Sleeper TE ( Gresham), this offense is ready to make a Super run.


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