Biggest Week 1 Stock Movement

First off I would like to say,”Thank you” to Arian Foster and Hakeem Nicks.  Anyone who read my rankings or listened to my rants will return for some more after those two lived up to the hype I put on them preseason.  Here is a quick stock update on a few players.

Major Jump – guys who significantly improve their stock

Arian Foster RB (HOU) – I have preached him as a must pick in every draft preseason.  I pegged Foster as a low first round talent (#8 RB) and everyone thought I was crazy.  I could not have imagined a better week 1.  I may have been happier about Foster’s performance then I was about the G-Men this week, and that is saying a lot.

Hakeem Nicks WR (NYG) – Nicks was ranked as a better WR in my preseason rankings than Steve Smith, and he showed why in week 1.  His hands are not as reliable as Smith, but his talent is far superior.  Even after Hakeem’s drop led to an Eli interception, Manning did not give up on Nicks.  His presence as a great red zone target should lead to a very good season from the second year wideout.

Michael Vick QB (PHI) -It wasn’t even an entire game, but man Vick looked good Sunday.  To me the most impressive thing from Vick was his post-game interview.  He seemed very mature and composed.  I am not saying Vick deserves to be relied on as a QB1, but going into Sunday Mike was unowned in most leagues.  Once waivers clear, he will not be available in any competitive league.

Improvement – players whose stock must move up

Miles Austin WR (DAL) – After some doubted Austin’s ability to repeat his 2009 breakout year, the player who put up 1300 yards in only 12 starts continued to excel.  The O-line looked bad as we expected (nice work Alex Barron), but Austin continued to shine as Romo’s favorite target.  A good WR1.

Eli Manning QB (NYG) – The kid brother looked very good against the Panthers Sunday.  Each of his three interceptions should/could have been completions, so do not worry about that statistic.  The Giants seem to be moving toward a more pass heavy offense under the leadership of Eli and the talent of the WRs.  Solid QB1 moving forward.

Mark Clayton WR (STL) – After being traded to the Rams less than a week before the season started, the former Raven proved to be a valuable asset.  Clayton seemed to be Bradford’s favorite target with 10 receptions for 119 yards.  Clayton should be considered a WR3 with the ability to move to WR2 status if he can solidify his role as the Rams #1 wideout.

Drop-off – Players who see a drop in their stock

Mike Sims-Walker WR (JAX) – MSW was held without a catch in Week 1.  A goose egg never improves a player’s stock, especially when the supposed WR2 Mike Thomas gets six receptions for 89 yards.  Sims-Walker should not be dropped after one awful week (he was covered by The Champ Bailey), but he should be considered a WR4 moving forward.

Steve Smith WR (NYG) –  Smith remains a good possession receiver, and Eli’s safety valve, but no longer deserves fantasy WR2 status with the emergence of Nicks.  A good WR3

Matt Schaub QB (HOU) – With the eruption of Mt. Foster in Houston, the Texan offense may not be as pass happy going forward.  After leading the league in pass attempts in 2009, Schaub went 9 out of 17 on Sunday.  The Texans will not be forced to run in order to keep Peyton Manning off the field every week, but Coach Kubiak insisted that the running game will be a larger role in the offense moving forward.  Schaub will undoubtedly improve on his horrible week 1 performance, but this is not good news for the stock of Matt Schaub.

Jerome Harrison RB (CLE) – After Hardesty went out for the year, Harrison seemed like he may be in line for a workload similar to the end of 2009.  However Harrison only received 9 carries with Peyton Hillis getting an equal share.